Sweet Goods

From cakes to muffins, to croissants or even the tasty Danish rolls!

Sweet goods can be a rather challenging item as the producer is faced with many challenges, such as soft keeping improvement, mouthfeel modulation, egg reduction and volume boost. However, applying the right products to your goods is not the only bump on the road for this category of the food industry. Maintaining low costs is also a crucial key factor for success when producing your goods. So, whichever obstacle you may be facing, we are thrilled to offer you the best suitable solutions for your baked goods!

Based on our extensive enzyme and application knowledge we can assist you in not only improving and optimizing your products and production, but also in reducing your costs. Our Quattro Technical Support Team can assist you directly with your production line, or offer you the possibility to test your products in our bakery so that you do not have any down time yourself. As we have thoroughly tested the enzymes in the most unique applications, we are able to offer you the enzymes that meet your requirements.

It is fair to say that Quattro offers you the solutions to your day to day challenges!