Pasta and Noodles

As jobs become more demanding and lifestyles get bussier, consumers tend to escape to the pasta and noodle market more than ever before.

The simplicity of preparation and the nutrutional value of pasta recipes draws customers to this food item.

Additionally this high demand within the market offers great opportunities for improvement and growth within your business, and our business.

Quattro has the tools to help turn your business into a smooth operational machine.

Profitability in this market is paired with the ability to control these processes and ingredients, as the final quality of the pasta and noodle products are highly important to the consumers. Characteristics that distinguish producers are simple, yet decisive; the right colour, the right bite and non-sticking pasta and noodles. Quattro offers you tailormade solutions to solve such issues.

We offer solutions to optimize your wheat blend to reduce the depency on Durum Wheat, and thus help improve your profitability. On top of that, our trial facility allows you to save time and money by providing you the opportunity to test your products in our lab without having to do a production run at your factory. This way we offer great partnership to our customers.

Let us take a bite of this challenge by offering you our solutions specially tailored to your needs!