Gluten Free

Call it the new way of life! The world of gluten free is expanding and will continue to grow.

Although gluten free started somewhat off as a trend, it seems like it is here to stay, for now… Capturing the opportunities in this ever growing world of applications means that you are expected to meet the needs of today’s demanding consumers.

The food industry is developing and becoming more advanced, and this relatively new phenomenon will keep growing. This has led to an increasing demand for gluten free products. However, it also seems like this so called ‘trend’ is accomodating thousands of consumers who are battling celiac disease and those who are dealing with gluten intolerance. This group is seemingly growing as the awareness surrounding gluten continues to develop. So for many it is no longer a trend, but a more conscious way to live.

To help you along the way, our enzyme expertize and application knowledge allows you to take full advantage of your production abilities without loosing a beat. From softness improvement to crumb structure modulation, our enzyme blends are capable of helping you to deliver the best products to your consumers.

As the majority of our enzymes can be sourced with a gluten free certificate, we can ensure that the gluten content is non-existent or below the legal limit of declaration.

Let us be the enabler of your growth potential with our solutions!