Use of personal data by QUATTRO ENZYME SOLUTIONS B.V.
QUATTRO ENZYME SOLUTIONS B.V. believes that protecting the personal living environment of its clients, staff, visitors to its website and users of mobile apps is essential to its business activities. As a result, personal information about clients, staff, visitors and users is treated and protected with the utmost care. Quattro Enzyme Solutions complies with the statutory requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy legislation.

The entity responsible for processing the data is Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V., Rietgorsweg 1-3, 3356 LJ, Papendrecht, The Netherlands.

Processing of personal data
Quattro Enzyme Solutions records personal information within the framework of the provision of its services. For example, when you purchase a product or service from us, take part in a workshop or study trip, subscribe to our newsletter, visit our website, open an online account, share your interests or make your interest known in another way or contact Quattro Enzyme Solutions in some form or another. That might be personal information or data that we use when making analyses of the use of our websites, such as how often the websites are visited and which pages are viewed.

If Quattro Enzyme Solutions records your data, it is in the context of contact information, login details, payment and invoice information, products ordered, function details and/or interests provided. Quattro Enzyme Solutions uses this data in the implementation and processing of the agreement involved, in the context of offering a particular online product or service, social site or mobile application for its other services and internal operating procedures and to keep clients up to date about products and services, both new and existing, offered by Quattro Enzyme Solutions, one of its sister companies or certain carefully-selected categories of third parties (online or by post.

Your email address
If you have provided us with your email address and given your consent, for example by registering for our newsletter or one of our online products or services, we may use it to inform you, the customer, about similar interesting products, services, campaigns and special offers of and by Quattro Enzyme Solutions, and relevant to you. If you decide you don’t want us to keep you up to date, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Click behaviour and IP address: aggregated analysis and reports
General visitor data is recorded on the Quattro Enzyme Solutions website. This is aimed at optimising the design of the website. This data can also be used to make sure that the information on our website is as relevant to you as possible. That way, Quattro Enzyme Solutions can further optimise its services for you. Another way Quattro Enzyme Solutions does this is by using the IP address of your devices. The IP address is a number that is automatically allocated to your device when you surf the Internet. IP addresses can be used to see how the website is being used and in carrying out analyses and reports, also aggregated.

Personalised messages (also email) and offers
When creating a customer profile, Quattro Enzyme Solutions may process data on your click behaviour at an individual level and combine that with your contact information, details about products ordered, function information and/or the interests you mentioned. Based on your customer profile, Quattro Enzyme Systems may tailor the content of commercial messages (also email) including newsletters, to suit your preferences or to offer you products or services by Sonneveld and/or third parties, specifically matched to your interests, in the form of adverts on the websites, mobile applications or newsletters, for example.

Access to and removal and correction of your personal information
You have the right to know which of your personal data Quattro Enzyme Solutions has collected. If that information is incorrect, you can request that we correct it or have it removed. You may address any such requests for access to or removal or correction of your personal data to Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V., att. Privacy Department, Rietgorsweg 1-3, 3356 LJ, Papendrecht, the Netherlands or by way of an email to This is also the address for any questions you might have about the way in which Quattro Enzyme Solutions treats your personal data.

Use of cookies by Quattro Enzyme Solutions
The Quattro Enzymes Solutions website uses cookies and similar technologies which are stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet, generally through the use of your browser. Cookies are used, for example, to give visitors access to a variety of web functions, to be able to distinguish visitors from each other, to facilitate analysis of our Internet services and to allow user-targeted and interest-based advertising. This implies to a certain extent the use of personal data, such as that described below, and helps us to improve our websites and make our digital communication with the receiver as relevant as possible.

Visitors to websites can manage their preferences in the use of cookies in the settings of their web browsers. You can determine whether cookies may be downloaded automatically to your computer/mobile phone/tablet or whether you prefer to give your permission each time before a cookie is downloaded. You can also remove cookies from your browser settings at any time. How you do this depends on which browser you are using. You will find the instructions in the settings menu for Internet/privacy. Important: refusing to allow cookies can have consequences for the functionality of our, and other websites.

Purpose of cookies on the website
Our websites use cookies, placed both by us and third parties, for the following purposes:

  • Analysis: We use cookies to count the number of unique visitors to our websites and to facilitate the generation of statistics on the functioning of the websites. Cookies collect information about which pages were viewed and user information such as geographical location, surfing behaviour, operating system and browser on your computer/mobile phone/tablet.
  • Interest-based marketing on Internet: You may have come across advertisements for Orkla companies on other websites. This is made possible by the use of cookies, which contain information about content and pages you have viewed on our websites and user data, such as your geographical location. This way, we can identify your interest and consequently present online advertising relevant to you. This technology is called remarketing and is provided by third parties, such as Google.
  • Use of behaviour information for similar target groups: Similar target groups are based on information collected on the behaviour of users on our websites. Based on knowledge about the interests of a certain group of users (see above), we can present our online adverts to another group of users with a similar behaviour profile on our websites.

You can find more information about cookies which may be used on our sites, their purpose, the access that third parties have to the data collected by the cookies and the retention period of those cookies, in the list headed ‘Summary of cookies that may be used on the website’. Any data collected by third parties’ cookies may also be used by those third parties.