Sonneveld Group B.V. takes majority interest in Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V.

Effective March 14th, 2018, Sonneveld Group B.V., located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands, took over 60% of the company shares of Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V., located in Duiven, The Netherlands.

The acquisition of Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V. supports the strategic path that the Sonneveld Group B.V. has chosen. It means a broadening of the activities of Sonneveld Group B.V. consistent with the strategy to innovate and focus on the future. This acquisition will increase the level of experience in the field of enzymes. The company will continue to operate under the familiar name, as a stand-alone subsidiary of Sonneveld Group B.V.

About Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V.

Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V. was founded in 2016 by both specialists in enzyme solutions and partners with a modern and highly flexible mixing- and packaging line. Together they provide a strong knowledge of grain processing industries, as well as the support of new developments based on enzymes. The company focusses on advising the optimization of enzyme applications and providing new functionalities. Quattro Enzyme Solutions is well known as a sparring partner for the industry and a flexible supplier of enzymes for applications in food and non-food.

About Sonneveld Group B.V.

Sonneveld Group B.V. is an international company that develops innovative customer-specific solutions for the bakery sector and the closely-related food industry, for and with the customers. Sonneveld Group B.V. is an independent part of Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI), a major European supplier of raw materials for the bakery industry. OFI is part of the Norwegian organisation Orkla, the leading company for brand-consumer products.

**This is an unofficial translation of the official Dutch press release.  

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