Looking forward to supporting creative new ideas in bio-technology

At Quattro Enzyme Solutions (QES) we work in a flexible and trust-based way to find the best solutions for you and with you.

Quattro Enzyme Solutions’ main focus is formulating enzyme solutions tailored for the cereal based industries, such as flour milling, pasta, tortilla, pizza and others products, but also the food and non-food areas like biofuel, feed and detergencies.

Quattro chooses the best added value solutions for your needs, by selecting the correct enzyme blend and by producing it in an highly efficient way.

We are a proud member of the Sonneveld Group and part of the Orkla family, which provides us access to EBIC, an international research facility, and a larger European network. With sales in Europe, Africa, Asia, North- and South America and a headquarter in The Netherlands, we find ourself in the centre of the international market.


Sonneveld Group B.V. takes majority interest in Quattro Enzyme Solutions B.V.

Effective March 14th, 2018, Sonneveld Group B.V., located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands, took over 60% of the company shares of Quattro Enzyme [...]

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Nigeria Up-close

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, reaching nearly 200 million inhabitants very soon. It is the land of [...]

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